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Creators of the Original Cookies and Dips Dipping Boxes

Meet Annabelle

Our founder, Annabelle, started her cookie obsession young, but it wasn’t until she got a jar of chocolate spread in her Christmas stocking that her spread addiction was born.

It didn’t take long for her to begin pairing her two favourite snacks together and the life-long love affair of cookies and dips was born.

After twenty-something years, she figured she cannot be the only person who would enjoy eating this, and in 2019 gingerly launched the very first premium cookies
and dips box on the market. With no marketing budget, Annabelle didn’t expect
much… did people even want to Dunk? But news of the boxes travelled far and
wide, and we started reaching tens of thousands of customers across the UK who also fell in love with dunking cookies.

“Having our cookies enjoyed by so many people has been one of the great joys of my life! Over the years we’ve gained so many customers – many of whom have become great friends – who continue to support us because they know they get quality, delicious bakes every time”

Cookie Master Since 2019

We are totally obsessive about cookies. Not just the flavour. But the science behind what creates the perfect cookie – that golden crispy outside, a slight chew with every bite, and a soft bakery-style centre.

In pursuit of the perfect cookie, we are continuously researching and improving what we do to give our fellow cookie lovers the very best.

Our lovingly handmade cookies take over 48 hours to make, and we bake exclusively with the very best ingredients, including free range eggs, organic flour, premium brand sugars and Belgian chocolate and cocoa.

Creators of the Original Cookies and Dips Dipping Boxes

Our artisan bakery is home to the original cookies and dips gift boxes.

Dunk Cookies have always been, and still are, the bestselling dipping box on the internet. Our customers know they get quality, value, and delicious bakes every single time (otherwise they wouldn’t keep coming back!), and are perfect for giving as a gift, sharing with friends or as the ultimate end-of-the-week-I-just-need-this kind of treat.