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The Best UK High Street Cookies

The Best UK High Street Cookies

Being a cookie brand owner and baker, it’s fair to say I’ve tried a LOT of cookies. We may use the highest quality ingredients at Dunk, but I am by no means a cookie snob. I have zero prejudice where the cookie is from, it just needs to be delicious!

I love to try cookies from local bakeries, supermarkets, and the high street. You can watch my most recent galivant around Canterbury to find the best cookies here (…although it unexpectedly turned into finding some of the worst cookies I’ve ever tried and would NOT recommend). But there was one winner! And it’s also the home to what I think are the BEST cookies you can buy on a shelf.

They may seem a little rogue but hear me out!

The fact these are plant-based is a HUGE positive. The butter substitute gives the cookies a light texture. And look, let’s be real. You’re never ever going to get a moist bakery-style cookie out of a packet with a 6-month shelf-life but these cookies have a very buttery texture and are not dry at all (which is ironic considering they don’t contain real butter!). The chocolate content is also superb. They are lovely, rich, and super chocolatey.

And so, my recommendation for the best cookies the UK High Street has to offer is…

M&S Plant Kitchen Double Chocolate Cookies


If you have tried these cookies, I’d love to hear if you agree. And if you have any other recommendation, I’d love to hear them!

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