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KEiBA Finalist - Small Business of the Year

KEiBA Finalist - Small Business of the Year

It’s no surprise with all the things happening in the world at the moment, this has been an extremely tumultuous year for small business. Along with other makers, we’ve experienced supply shortages, price increases (sometimes over 50%!), staff shortages, inconsistency of sales and sadly at times staff have been directly affected by covid.

To create a protective environment for our staff and business, we have had to lead with an agile approach, to create efficiencies in our production, without ever compromising the quality and customer satisfaction of our product. As a result we have doubled our business, grown our team, and created a happy working environment <3.

As such, we are absolutely THRILLED to have been recognised and awarded a finalist in the most prestigious business award in our county.

The Kent Excellence in Business Awards is an annual awards scheme staged and produced by KM Media Group and Kent County Council to recognise and reward excellence in Kent’s businesses. To be recognised as a finalist for small business of the year, for such a prestigious award, is an incredible honour and the pep in our step we needed to move into a new year.

We couldn't have got to where we are today without all you Dunkers! We've had a lot of tiring days over the last year as previously mentioned, and your comments, messages & of course orders keep us going! Nothing feels better than kicking back after a hard day in the factory and scrolling through all your lovely DM's, so THANK YOU! And here's to another year full of cookies, dunking, and general silliness. See you in 2022!

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