Dunk Cookies @ South Quay Shed, Whitstable Harbour

Proud to serve baked treats and drinks, made by our local team of happy bakers in the heart of Whitstable.

Cookies, Dips & Dunkable Desserts!



Monday: 9 – 4:30pm

Tuesday: 9 – 4:30pm

Wednesday: 9 – 4:30pm

Thursday: 9 – 4:30pm

Friday: 9 – 4:30pm

Saturday: 9 – 4:30pm

Sunday: 9 – 4:30pm

Now serving specialty, and locally roasted, Lost Sheep Coffee!

Proudly serving Lost Sheep Coffee’s signature Columbia and Brazilian blend, with gorgeously rich chocolate and caramel notes, there is really no better pairing with a Dunk Cookie!