Build Your Own Box
Build Your Own Box
Build Your Own Box
Build Your Own Box
Build Your Own Box
Build Your Own Box
Build Your Own Box
(37 customer reviews)

Build Your Own Box


Fully indulge with this dunkable dessert!

A Build Your Own Box allows you to enjoy a fully customised experience, personalised with the cookies and dips that make your mouth water the most.

Make your selection, and you’ll receive a beautifully presented box of:

    • 2x large dips in reusable jars – choose your two favourites from the Monthly Dip Menu.

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Fully indulge with this dunkable dessert!

A Build Your Own Box allows you to enjoy a fully customised experience, personalised with the cookies and dips that make your mouth water the most.

Make your selection, and you’ll receive a beautifully presented box of:

    • 2x large dips in reusable jars – choose your two favourites from the Monthly Dip Menu.

All dips are made with the best ingredients for an indulgent treat, and our cookies are lovingly hand-made using free range eggs and real European butter, producing the most light, crunchy yet chewy, cookies, perfectly designed to be dunked into delicious and decadent dips.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 280 × 180 × 80 mm
1st Dip Selection

Bruce Bogtrotter's Cake, Cream Cheese Frosting, Krazelnut- NEW RECIPE, Lemon Meringue Pie, Neapolitan, Peanut Butter Brownie

2nd Dip Selection

Bruce Bogtrotter's Cake, Cream Cheese Frosting, Krazelnut – NEW RECIPE, Lemon Meringue Pie, Neapolitan, Peanut Butter Brownie

Best Before & Allergens

Dunk Cookies are a fresh product. We recommend a best before of 3 days from when your Dunk Cookies arrives (providing they arrive next day). This is purely when they will be at their freshest, it’s not a use by.

To prolong their life, store the cookies in an airtight container, and the dips in the fridge. Both the dips and cookies freeze well for up to three months. Enjoy both at room temperature.


All our products are made in a kitchen which handles all the major allergens (including Gluten, Milk, Oats, Eggs, Nuts, Sesame, Wheat, Soya) so will not be suitable for anyone with food allergies.

Delivery & T&Cs


All orders will be dispatched within 6 working days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) – you’ll receive an email from DPD to let you know when your goodies have left the bakery!

Once baked, your Dunk Cookies are sent via Next Day Tracked DPD delivery (mainland UK only). The best way to keep track of your order is to download the DPD App.

Best Before

Dunk Cookies are a fresh product. We recommend a best before of 3 days from when your Dunk Cookies arrives (providing they arrive next day). This is purely when they will be at their freshest. We recommend a best before of 7 days for Cuppies, Dunkies and Giant Dunked Cookies.


Store both the cookies and dips sealed and in a cool environment. You can find storage recommendation on each product label. Both the dips and cookies freeze well for up to one month. Defrost and enjoy at room temperature.

Allergy Advice

All products are made in a kitchen which handles all the major allergens (including Gluten, Milk, Oats, Eggs, Nuts, Sesame, Wheat, Soya) so will not be suitable for any individuals with food allergies.


All sales are final, and refunds will not be given for items ordered by mistake.

Ensure correct shipping address is entered – we cannot be held responsible for posting to the wrong address.

Once an order has processed, amendments can only be made within 24 hours by contacting [email protected]

Refunds will not be given for items ordered by mistake.

All orders are placed at the buyer’s risk. We cannot be held responsible for items damaged during transit. However, we do want happy customers, so in the event of damaged products please contact us and we will see what we can do.

See our Frequently Asked Questions here

See our full Terms and Conditions here

37 reviews for Build Your Own Box

  1. Dominique

    Wow wow wow wow well what can I say I’ve just picked my cookies up from the post office that tried to be delivered yesterday I couldn’t wait till tonight to tuck in so I had to try them straight away and what can I say they are the best cookies and dips I’ve ever tasted in my life ?the amount of hard work that has gone into these through actually making the cookies and dips to how you actually package them and present them is really lovely very well packaged and the detail that goes into the packaging is really lovely I will honestly never buy or go elsewhere for cookies now I will always support your small lovely business thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for these amazing cookies and dips I will be sitting eating the rest tnite with my family I wish you all the success in your business lovely ?? xx

  2. Victoria

    The build your own box is amazing! I am a huge fan of the vanilla cookies but wow the chocolate cookies! They are the best cookies I’ve ever eaten! I will never be able to buy supermarket cookies ever again! The bigger pots are fantastic too. Cookie butter and cookies and cream in giant pots! What more could you want? If you haven’t tried, do it!! You won’t regret buying these ever!!

  3. Lisa

    The most delicious cookies and incredible dips!
    Will always order from here!

  4. Megan Langford

    Cannot recommend these cookies enough!! The cookies and dips are amazing! This was my first purchase and will definitely be ordering again.

  5. Kerri

    I ordered the Chocolate cookies, Cookies & Cream Dip and Party Ring Butter Dip.

    Loved the cookies, loved the dips. My order arrived quickly and everything was nicely packaged. Will definitely buy again!

  6. rachael

    yummy yum, yum yum yum… the cookies r the perfect mix of crunch, crumb, syrupy lushness and the dips were hugeeee… the postage was lightning fast too… so happy with our order ?xx

  7. Natasha

    The cookies are lovely and soft but a nice crunch on the outside. They are so good by themselves but when you add the millionaire and cookie butter dips they are even more amazing! The dips are lovely smooth and silky. Also have you seen the size of the dips they are pure heaven in a jar. I can’t wait to try the other flavours.

  8. Kelsey

    So glad I managed to get my hands on a box of these! The best cookies I have ever tasted and the dips are to die for! Amazing!!!

  9. Sophie

    Amazing value for money. You get so many cookies! And the new dips are huge. Definitely worth the money and absolutely delicious. We shared between 4 people and there was still leftovers. My favourite dips were the oreo one and the millionaires

  10. Megan

    Oh my cookie god!
    Best. cookies. Ever.
    I’ll never buy shop cookies ever again, and bonus is the triple chocolate brownie dip is heaven in a jar!!
    100% reccomend and I’ll definitely be ordering more

  11. MartineG75

    Just received within last hour and already tried , fell in love with, and looking forward to ordering more!! ?
    Thank you for making this world a bit brighter during this tough time x much love

  12. Megan Parkinson

    Had 3 boxes in 3 weeks, consistently AMAZING! Had both flavours of cookie, the best cookies I’ve ever tasted! I’m a sucker for a cookie and a flapjack and these cookies are them 2 combined to make the best cookie ever! I’ve had the triple choc brownie dip, party ring butter twice, cookie butter and cookies and cream and the classic and each and every one are so different but equally amazing! They come beautifully packaged and always arrive super fast! Definitly my weekly ritual now!

  13. Katie Craig

    I have had these cookies quite a few times now. And they are AMAZING!!
    We are a family of 4 and they go in one sitting unless I hide them!
    Thank you Annabelle for bringing them into our lives!

  14. Victoria Lince

    OMG I think I am in love…Can you even be in love with a cookie oh who cares I am!!! These are the best cookies I have ever had. Then to top it off the dips are also out of this world!!! Current favourites are cookie butter, party ring butter and cookies and cream. Proud to be a dunk cookie addict

  15. [email protected]

    These are the best cookies ever on their own, when you have them with the dips, oh my god! Amazing♡♡ my favourite dip so far is the millionaire one. I can’t wait to try them all.
    I’ve had 2 boxes so far and will definitely keep coming back for more!!

  16. Kayleigh

    My husband didn’t understand the hype when I ordered but was totally converted when they came! These cookies are not ordinary cookies!! Our personal favourites dips are the party ring butter (a total taste sensation) and the Oreo one. It’s an absolute dream (my two Oreo obsessed boys confirmed it) We can’t wait to get our next fix. Keep up the good work Annabelle xx

  17. Rachel Taylor

    Best treat ever!
    Since lockdown began I’ve tried many dessert/treat items and dunk cookies are by far the best.
    The cookies are crunchy on the outside and melt in your mouth, yet they are soft, chewy and gooey inside – the perfect combination!
    Then you have the dips which just tips the excitement over the edge. The pots are massive and are reusable. I am not shy with my dip yet I managed to have some left over to spoon out once a my cookies were gone.
    Millionaires has been my favourite so far however every flavour is delicious.
    This is really something different, fun, and very enjoyable. Annabelle has done a great job of creating such a cool and different brand.

  18. Gemma Hopley

    The most insanely delicious cookies I’ve ever eaten! The cookies are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Both dips are are DELICIOUS! I will definitely be ordering again to try out more dips ?

  19. Holly

    These cookies and dips are just amazing! I have ordered twice now and will definitely be ordering again.

  20. victoria barry

    Got a build your own box for my best friend to cheer her up as she been working alot & suffering with a bad shoulder . Well she gave me the full approval today along with a full breakdown detailed description of how they were the best thing she has ever tasted. The dips are the standout and “beaut”? her words ? Think you have some more loyal fans here.she also said she would tell anyone to try them . Thank you very much annabel for making my friend so happy ?

  21. Gemma

    So I saw these on another person’s Insta stories and just had to try them. I always loved putting choc spread on my biscuits as a treat and so the idea of cookie dips sounded perfect. I chose Chocolate Cookies, with Pumpkin Guts & Queen Bee dips. Oh. My. The cookies were soft and chewy, but stiff enough that they don’t fall apart as you dip them. The Queen Bee dip was my favourite, and was softer, so super easy to scoop up with the cookie. The Pumpkin Guts had a gorgeous flavour too, just a bit stiffer in the pot. Honestly, I could eat these all day long! Delivery was right on time, packaging was brilliant and made it feel like I was properly treating myself. I would definitely order again!

  22. Rebecca Sims

    Ordered multiple times now and amazing each and every bite!
    The children love the excitement of seeing the box arrive.
    Highly recommended ?

  23. slb1991

    I found dunk cookies on an Instagram page a few months ago and I’m so glad I did! Once a month (maybe more with lockdown, shhh) I treat myself to a build your own box!

    The cookies are delicious, slightly crunchy on the outside but nice and gooey on the inside. Great for dipping!! The changing dips are fantastic too and there is always a new one I’d like to try! I am by no means shy on my portion sizes but I always have dip left over, plus the jars are reusable which is great! Postage is always super quick, even when there has been other things going on such as the cauldron boxes this month! I’m always following their insta page to see what is coming up next. Annabel is a brilliant, kind and caring lady who puts so much effort in to every box. The little details really do mean a lot! So glad you’ve been able to extend your team, you deserve it and I hope dunk cookies goes from strength to strength! ?

  24. Jagmeet

    I am so glad to have found this gem of the cookie company. The first time I had Annabelle’s scrumptious cookies and dips , i was gobsmacked as i have never had anything like it before in my life. All the dips I have had so far are so so delightful and moreish and the cookies are so buttery and chewy ‘Absolute divine ‘
    I could never have enough of them.
    Wishing you all the best and bright future for your cookie Factory, Annabelle !!!

  25. KatieSmithson

    I came across Dunk Cookies when I was looking on Instagram during lockdown number one! I am a huge supporter of small independent businesses, but I have to say that Dunk Cookies is the one I keep on going back to time and time again. Quite simply Annabelle’s creation is wonderful! The cookies are incredibly buttery in flavour and have a lovely crunch to the exterior, perfect for dipping! Every dip that my partner and I have tried has been exceptional but personal favourites have been Pumpkin Guts, Triple Choc Brownie, Pot of Gold and Krazlenut. My partner is famously fussy when it comes to food and snacks, however it has got to the stage where he is now asking “Where are my Dunks”? and Dunk Cookies have now become our favourite regular treat whenever we are planning a nice evening in. Thank you Annabelle for creating something so delicious, I cannot wait to see what you have in store for Christmas!

  26. Taravjones18

    I love dunk cookie so much that I can’t stop ordering.

  27. Paige

    Love Dunk! Only became aware of this company this year whilst in lockdown and I’m so glad I did. I love watching dunks journey! I even have notifications on my phone for when they post on Instagram ! The dips taste amazingggg. Especially queen bee and Pink! I wish I could order everything week but it’s not good for my waist line nor my bank account lol however I 100% support this company. You can see how hard they all work! Wish the basic dunkys were online all the time as I love to dip them in my tea! Continue to be amazing! Can’t wait to order my Xmas orders and indulge with no guilt!

  28. JaiminP

    Very delicious and incredibly moreish. You can tell it is made with quality ingredients. I can’t stop ordering. I highly recommend it to everyone!

  29. Hayley Haywood

    Unbelievably good. The cookies where perfect chew and crisp. The dips where pure luxury in a pot. Who new so much happiness could come in one bite. DEFINITELY be ordering more

  30. Jayne W

    Love a dunk delivery! The variety of dips each month makes this addictive to keep coming back for more to try different ones. The cookies are unbelievable and so more-ish! I do love a dunk in the dips but they’re so perfect on their own with a cuppa! It’s no wonder we all keep coming back for more! I’ve also made some surprise orders for friends and family and they love them too! Give them a try…you’ll be hooked soon enough!

  31. Ciara

    Soooo good! The most more-ish cookies ever plus the dips are incredible. The smooth Italian has the such an intense coffee hit and isn’t overly sweet (considering what it could be like) the only sad thing is how often things sell out

  32. Emma

    First order was a sample box and the cookies and dips were amazing. Have since ordered the Dunk in Love box for Valentine’s and three Build your Own and two of those were gifts for others. These are truly delicious cookies and you can’t really eat just one and the dips are heavely. Thank you.

  33. Hannah

    Oh wow! These are such a treat! I received my first BYO box today and am beyond impressed! The cookies are exactly as Annabelle describes in her Instagram stories; soft yet chewy yet crispy. So delicious and totally moreish. They’re the perfect size and the pack is excellent value for money. The dips were much bigger than I thought, really generous. I went for the birthday frosting and pot of gold which are both next level good! Light, flavourful and perfectly compliment the buttery sweet cookie. Cannot wait for my Easter box to arrive. I’ll be ordering again and again! Thank you Dunk!

  34. Millie Hallett

    amazing!! had my first order arrive yesterday and they are so good! Really good sized dips and cookie where perfect! Will definitely be ordering again!

  35. Jade Withers

    Omg these are amazing, just received my first order and the cookies alone are so good but adding krazlenut or pot of gold, or both honestly feels so naughty but so good. I will be purchasing from you again and maybe as gifts too. So glad im able to support a small business too.

  36. Carly

    I absolutely love the build your own boxes. The cookies are amazing and the dips are just WOW!!! I’ve tried loads of the dips over the last year and not had one I don’t like! Love seeing the new menu of dips each month to choose from. These cookies have got me through all the lockdowns. They are the best treat ever.

  37. Louis H

    Slowly spreading the word on how good these cookies are. I bought a Build Your Own Box for my sister for her birthday and loved it, we may have smashed it out in one sitting… It makes such a great gift idea and now it’s even easier to gift a box for people. You have to try these if you haven’t done so already!

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