Our Story

Dunk Cookies began life because I am greedy.

Greedy for dessert. Anything, really, as long as it’s not covered in cream (strange I know). If I was pushed to name a favourite dessert, I’m always satisfied by two very simple indulgences. One, freshly baked cookies; I like them crispy and chewy. Second, dipping a spoon (or my finger) in chocolate spread.

For years – decades even – I made the foolish mistake of indulging in my two favourite pastimes separately. Yes, there were times where my baking experiments (such as cookies sandwiched in icing) got unwittingly close to utopia. However, it wasn’t until my later twenties, in my quest to avoid cheese platters at parties, I realised I had to bring something new to the table.

With no fanfare, the moment simply happened. I slathered a cookie with hazelnut spread and the idea was born: to dunk buttery light, freshly baked cookies – crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside – into spreadable dips tasting of everyone’s favourite desserts.

So, Dunk Cookies was dreamt up so I (and you!) can have the best of both worlds. And if you’ve never dunked a cookie then trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

I’m Annabelle by the way – head maker and baker here – the last 12 months have been such a journey. From making our very first order to becoming an award winning* business, nothing has been more exciting or rewarding than when our customers share their experiences with us. You regularly tell us Dunk Cookies are best cookies you’ve ever tasted, and we know you’re not exaggerating because you come back again and again. And for that we want to say a humongous THANK YOU!

From small cookies, big dreams grow.

Annabelle, Sally, Lizzie, Maisie, Becky, Emma (and honorary Dunk employees, Michael, Tim and Margaret) x

*December 2020 update* WOW! What a year! For so, so many reasons..! In August we moved from a home kitchen into a manufacturing unit, which over 6 weeks was transformed into a purpose built bakery and production facility to make oodles and oodles more dunks. For someone who has never put a shelf in her life, i’m so proud we managed to build a bakery!! Sometimes when we are all working in there I have to stop and reality check myself…did this all really happen?! 🙂 There is no doubt this year has had some serious highs, like being able to bring in new staff – my sister included – but it’s also been really really challenging. When people ask me if i’d do it all again, I laugh and say ‘”NO WAY!!”…but i know i’m lying. Dunk makes my heart happy, and i’m so grateful to our community of supporters who have been our cheerleaders and hype women since day one. Huge hugs and love to you all x and here’s to the future…and hopefully a holiday next year 😉

*Start Up of the Year 2020 – The Kent Foundation