Monthly Menu

Changing Monthly Menu

Every month we will be bringing new and exciting flavours to our dip menu. The classics will remain but each month our customers will be able to try new and delicious flavours, created exclusively in the Dunk Cookies kitchen. All of our products are unique and hand crafted using only the finest ingredients. This ensure that, along with a lot of love and care, they are both one-of-a-kind and mouth-wateringly good.

Our cookies and dips are available exclusively in Build Your Own Boxes (BYO Boxes), allowing you the freedom to create a custom selection of flavours based on your own personal taste.

Your BYO Box is made especially to you to order (so they arrive their best super fresh delicious selves!), which is why we set a 6 working turnaround time to dispatch.

Due to increasing popular demand, we upload new stock of ourBYO Boxes every Sunday at 10am.

Cookie Menu

Original Vanilla Cookies

Made to a unique process, our undressed cookies are crisp, chewy, buttery perfection. Unlike other cookies these are light yet perfectly dunkable, and their sweet vanilla flavour pairs perfectly with every dip on the menu.

Much loved by our customers, they regularly tell us they’ve never tasted a cookie quite like it.

Chocolate Cookies

New for March 2020, these are a breakthrough in cookie production. Made with real Belgian chocolate this version of our original recipe still retains the light, crispy and chewy texture we know our customers love.

March Dip Menu

Birthday Frosting

Created specially to celebrate our 2nd birthday; this dunkable dip is pure childhood nostalgia!

With a deep vanilla flavour and rainbow sprinkles this dip is so light and moreish without being overly sweet. Pair it with our vanilla cookies and its reminiscent of that American-style birthday cake we love.

Pair with: Pairs dreamily with our Original Vanilla Cookies.

Pot of Gold

If chocolate were trendy, then caramalised white chocolate is definitely having its moment and we are very much here for it.

Having had a brief second in the spotlight in our recent limited edition Billionaire Box, Pot of Gold was just too good not to feature on our monthly menu.

Thick, luscious and creamy with subtle caramel notes; this dip can convert people who normally shy away from white chocolate. Trust us this dip is GOLDEN.

Pair with: Pairs perfectly with our Original Vanilla Cookies.

Strawberry Shortcake

Dunk into this strawberry flavoured white chocolate dip, dotted with crunchy white Belgian chocolate wafer balls.

Pair with: We recommend pairing with our Original Vanilla Dunk Cookies for the perfect dunk.


This decadent dip is truly the king of the caramels.

Thoughtfully prepared and infused with Madagascan vanilla and the finest English sea salt, this dip is neither too salty nor too sweet. With a base of real butter and double cream, this dip is truly decadently rich enough to satisfy most taste buds.

Pair with: For the perfect dunk pair with our Original Vanilla Dunk Cookies.

Queen Bee

Can you BEE-LIEVE!! Here she is; a sumptuous Belgian milk chocolate dip, flavoured with natural honeycomb, and topped with crunchy chocolate covered honeycomb pieces.

Pair with: Pairs perfectly with our Original Vanilla Dunk Cookies.

Smooth Italian

Long-time Dunkers may remember this dip from our original Baked Box, but it’s since had an upgrade.

A silky dark base infused with Italian coffee and woven with salted caramel crispy pieces; this dip is rich and decadent with little pops of sweet texture. Coffee lovers rejoice!

Pair with: Pairs perfectly with either our Original Vanilla Cookies.

April 2021 Dip Menu

To be announced…

Follow us on social for the first sneak peak!

Dips in hiatus

Choccy Orange

You loved it SO much at Christmas we just had to keep it on the menu for a little white longer!

This orange flavoured Belgian milk chocolate dip is whipped for a truly luxurious creamy experience.

Pair with: our Chocolate Cookies for double chocolate decadence.

Party Ring Butter

Is it really a party if you don’t have Party Rings?

From a happy invention in our test kitchen to becoming our customers firm favourite, Party Ring Butter is a spreadable dip so unique and moreish you’ll never be screwing the lid back on this jar.

With a white chocolate base, this dip is everything you love about the classic party biscuit but in delicious dunkable form.

Pair with: This dip pairs perfectly with our Original Vanilla Dunk Cookies.

Triple Choc Brownie

A dip so magical it came to our head baker in a dream, it is now one of our most popular dips for good reason! With a base of REAL freshly baked gooey brownies, and blended with a mix of the finest milk and dark Belgian chocolate, there is absolutely nothing wrong and everything right with this knockout of a dip.

Now can now dunk our crispy chewy cookies into a squidgy gooey brownie dip…it’s truly a mouthful of delicious dessert heaven.

Pair with: For a quadrupole chocolate overload pair with our Chocolate Dunk Cookies. Alternatively, if you don’t want death by chocolate, Triple Choc Brownie is an utterly scrumptious dunk for our Original Vanilla Dunk Cookies.

Cookie Butter

Our version of the popular caramelised biscuit spread, except we’ve replaced the oil with scrumptious white chocolate and an extra sprinkling of cinnamon.

Often met with scepticism – “Can this version of a famous spread REALLY be as good as the original?!” – we’ve now had enough customers tell us they want to bathe in it to know this dip is an absolute killer.

Pair with: We recommend pairing with our Original Vanilla Dunk Cookies for the perfect dunk.

Christmas Kiss

Don’t let social distancing stop you from enjoying a Christmas kiss this year!

New for December, dunk in to this butterscotch flavoured white chocolate dip, swirled with candy cane colours for a festive touch of sparkle.

Pair with: either our Original Vanilla or Chocolate Cookies…or both!


A thick and luscious pink white chocolate to support breast cancer awareness month.

We pledge 20p from the sale of every jar to Breast Cancer Now’s WEAR IT PINK campaign. So, as well as enjoying a good dunk you’ll be supporting breast cancer research and care! How boob-a-licious is that!?

Pair with: Pairs perfectly with either our Original Vanilla or Chocolate Cookies.

Nutterly Butterly

A thick mousse-like Belgian milk chocolate dip, blended with smooth peanut butter made from 100% nuts.

Pair with: This dip is a treat with either our Original Vanilla or Chocolate Dunk Cookies.


Inspired by the super popular Kinder Bueno, this thick and creamy dip captures the flavour and texture we all love, with the added bonus of less wafer, more filling, and well, COOKIES!

With a white chocolate base, Krazelnut literally melts in the mouth, while the hazelnut praline and a hint of vanilla is a perfect pairing with the sweet vanilla in our Original Cookies.

Thick and luscious straight from the fridge and smooth and silk at room temperature, this dip is an all-round people pleaser. And with the added crunch of Belgian milk chocolate wafers and dark chocolate shards, this is a must try for any nutty chocolate fans.

Pair with: Pairs perfectly with our Original Vanilla Dunk Cookies.

Pumpkin Guts

Get your Halloween-on all October long by adding this delectable beaut to your box!

A Venetian orange flavoured white chocolate dip splattered over a bed of ‘pumpkin seeds’ (white chocolate drops!).

Pair with: Pairs perfectly with either our Original Vanilla or Chocolate Cookies.

Raspberry Ripple

Our most requested dip to date!

A smooth and light white chocolate base with a real raspberry core, swirled together and topped with delicious Belgian chocolate curls.

Pair with: This dip is made for our Original Vanilla Dunk Cookies.

Cookies & Cream

A creamy whipped vanilla dip topped with Oreo crumb.

Made with a base of white chocolate, this is an ideal choice for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Pair with: Pairs perfectly with either our Chocolate or Original Vanilla Dunk Cookies.


If your tastes are classic, and you love nothing more than diving into a bar of the finest Belgian milk chocolate, then you’ll enjoy the perfect creamy pleasure of this thick and luscious dip. Made from the finest Belgian Milk Chocolate, Classic is a pot of chocolate lovers heaven.

Pair with: For double chocolate decadence pair Classic with our Chocolate Dunk Cookies.

Creamy Egg

Created for Easter, but loved all year round, this dip is reminiscent of the centre of a Crème Egg but with a super indulgent white chocolate base.

Pair with: This dip pairs with Classic, our Belgian milk chocolate dip, for double dunking and recreating the delicious Creme Egg flavour we love.

Midnight Mint

If the after-dinner mint if your favourite part of dinner, then you’ll agree smooth dark chocolate and peppermint is a match made in heaven. Made with a creamy base, our Midnight Mint dip is utterly moreish and a sumptuous sweet before, after, or in-between any meal.

Pair with: For double chocolate decadence pair Midnight with our Chocolate Dunk Cookies.